New Year, New Me

Isn’t that the worst saying anyone could have ever come up with?  Not gonna lie though, I started off the New Year with a complete overhaul of everything I own. And I mean everything. I started New Year’s Eve and finished on the second and by the end of it I had thrown out 5 … More New Year, New Me

In Memoriam 

Just taking a quick moment to remember those who were killed this weekend due to gun violence.  Let’s remember those in Orlando who were killed because of their sexual orientation and Christina Grimmie, a young woman with a beautiful heart who was just trying to take a moment to recognize and say thank you to … More In Memoriam 

Bucket List Tag

Thanks so much to Shannon over at Captivated~By~Fantasy for tagging me to do this awesome post!!  It’s pretty simple, all you have to do is write 10 things you want to do in the future! So here goes!!  Ten Things I Want To Do In The Future: 1) Travel!! Lots and lots of traveling! I have a … More Bucket List Tag